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Floor & Sidewalk Graphics


Floor and sidewalk graphics are being used more and more by businesses not only as an advertising tool but as a way to simply dress up ordinary concrete and floors. Let our team create a design that will capture attention.

  • Using floor graphics is an innovative way to advertise via your company’s floors, sidewalks, and parking lots or they can simply be used to dress up basic concrete.
  • We can contour cut floor graphics to the shape of any image. Use your imagination!
  • Floor graphics are both scratch and slip-resistant, so we have the ability to turn your floors into safe walk-ways of advertisements promoting your products or services.
  • We can manufacture sidewalk graphics to compliment your company’s entrance and customize floor graphics for special promotional events.


About Floor & Sidewalk Graphics

This gives you the opportunity to put your service or product right at your customers’ feet! Floor advertising allows you to take advantage of valuable marketing space in ways you might not have ever dreamed of.

We use high-quality material products that can withstand even the heaviest foot traffic.

Our floor graphics are made from a premium vinyl material with a special adhesive that is designed to adhere to floor surfaces yet is removable leaving little or no residue.

We recommend cleaning these graphics with a mild and non-abrasive cleanser and cloth mop.

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